My last scout camp to join to the Jamboree was in Bari from 4th January to 6th January and I was looking forward to meet others guys, with I have enjoyed with at the last camp. It’s always really a great feeling seeing them again, and to understand that each of us has the same dream, the same target, the same values.
During this great experience I’ve learnt a lot of interesting news about Japan as how do they live, how do they write and also what do they eat! In fact one of the activities was cooking traditional Japanese food, all together and to know Japanese way of cooking, which is very far from our traditional cooking. Furthermore in order to take in the real culture and to get closer to Japanese costumes we tested ourselves with the fascinating and difficult Japanese writing and its ideograms. We tried to draw these symbols better as we could, but it wasn’t very easy because they were a bit complex and maybe we weren’t very accurate! Then a Japan’s expert told us many information about Japan that let me understand the real meaning of the Jamboree, based on harmony, energy and innovation that are fundamental elements for Japan. He also answered to our questions about this attractive country and gave us some advices to avoid misunderstandings or common mistakes. For example, do you know that you mustn’t say “Cin cin” in Japan when you crash in with your glasses? Why? Well, because “Cin Cin” in Japanese means something a bit different from our commune meaning, (in fact it stands for male genital organ!!) so it’s better to avoid saying this in Japan…
Then I’ve appreciated a lot the English activity, that made me feel like we were really in the Jamboree and these have been useful to improve my language’s skills. Another interesting activity was the comparison between CNGEI and AGESCI with some guys from the other association who went to our camp and told us their usual activities and explained us their different way of scouting. However the best activities was the cosplay, that was the first, I’d never joined at. It was a great experience where characters from all kinds of books, films, animes or mangas meet together and it was like a very big party where all the guests were a piece of a magic and fantastic world. There were Candy Candy, Sampei, Sailor Moon, Spiderman and a lot of others great costumes… It was very enjoying and it opens (to) me a new world, that I didn’t know very well.
The magic atmosphere of the camp, makes me understand how much is important for me scouting life, with its adventures, its feelings and special people you can meet. It has been a really great camp, and I hope to see all the scouts that I met again, because each of them gave me something and I think these moments we shared will last in our minds and in our hearts, so how can I forget them? I think it’s impossible, and I’m glad it is.
I really hope to continue my road to Jamboree, to visit Japan and to meet thousands and thousands of others scout of all walks of life so that I can realize my dream. Let’s hope all this will early comes true!