“Build a new world”

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The Science Centre of “Città della Scienza”: it is the first Italian interactive scientific museum. A place for experimentation, learning, entertainment, meeting and constructive dialogue with science and technology through interactivity and direct experimentation of natural phenomena and technologies.

“Mujie”: As in an interlocking puzzle, each part of the pieces “Mùjié” (node) depends on the others in order to maintain its balance and hold up the entire system. Each piece mutually supports the other.
This philosophy gives rise to structures with solidity and modularity: eight generative pieces made of poor materials, numbered and with different joints, joined without glues, screws or other fixing systems, can give shape to infinite structures. The pieces that make up the node are “collaborative”
because on its own an element has no function, instead in a group each makes the structure solid and becomes part of the system. In the same way, infinite ideas can come from people when they come together to collaborate. If we can build bridges, connect and meet those who are distant, we can lay the groundwork to unlock the world.