Pasta maker – Tagliatelle

“A dish of pasta a day keep doctor away”

Good food and culinary tradition are an intregral part of the Italy’s cultural heritage. Climatic and environmental differences along with centuries of history and tradition have given life to an extraordinary gastronomic treasure. Being together, conviviality and hospitality have become distinctive traits of the Italian way of life thanks to this variety of good food.
The meal is therefore synonymous with the family gathering around the table and the evenings together with friends. In these contexts pasta is ever-present. A “poor” food produced by some simple ingredients: water, eggs, flour…
In the Italian tradition mothers and grandmothers pass on recipes and, especially on Sundays, they prepare fresh pasta to the delight of the whole family. Take the opportunity to learn how to make pasta, cook it and then gather your friends around a beautiful laid table.

Take 100g flour and put on the table;

Create a volcano;

Open an egg and get into the middle of the volcano;

How to cook tagliatelle:

a. Prepare a pot (big enough to cook the quantity of tagliatelle desidered) with some water;
b. Switch on the fire and bring the water to the boiling point;
c. Put into the hot water the salt (taste it to understand if it is right salted);
d. Put into the hot salted water the tagliatelle and mix it (attention: it takes few minutes, around 2 minutes to be well cooked);
e. When cooked move the tagliatelle into the colander;
f. Season it!